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The Dos & Don’ts: of Greywater

Grey Water Systems are an amazing way to save your water, especially in drought prone areas of Australia. We have compiled a list of our most important 'dos and don’ts' for best practice greywater use. This list can help you safely use your grey water...


  • Wash your hands after touching grey water
  • Use garden-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and are free from or low in sodium and phosphorous
  • use drip irrigation to water your garden preferably under mulch
  • make sure grey water is not in direct contact with fruit.
  • Regularly check your grey water system is working properly
  • Divert grey water to the sewer during wet periods
  • Stop using grey water if someone in the household is sick
  • Check your state and local regulations
  • Use a licensed plumber to install your system
  • make sure your system meets local requirements 
  • Make sure you contain grey water within your property.


  • Store untreated grey water for more than 24 hours
  • Use grey water to water vegetables and herbs that are to be eaten raw or partly cooked
  • Use grey water sourced from washing nappies or soiled clothes
  • Use grey water that has antibacterials, disinfectants and bleaches in it
  • Use grey water from kitchens, unless it has been treated
  • Use grey water that is still hot as it will kill beneficial organisms in the soil
  • Spray or hose grey water
  • Allow pets to drink grey water.

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