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How To Calculate Flow Rate

Irrigation equipment requires a specific amount of flow to work. You will need to know the flow rate of your water supply before designing or installing irrigation. If you don't know the flow rate of your water supply then use the below steps to help you calculate it.


Calculating Flow

Calculating flow can easily be done with the bucket test:

  1. Place a 9 Litre bucket under the tap you will use are your water supply.
  2. Open your tap full, and time how long it takes to fill the bucket up.
  3. Use the following calculation to find your flow rate:

60 / (time to fill bucket in seconds) x 9


Example: A bucket takes 12 seconds to fill. 60 divided by 12 = 5.
5 multiplied by the number of litres in the bucket (9) = 45 Lpm



  • Flow rate is important in designing an irrigation system.
  • It can easily be calculated.
  • Don't forget to calculate Pressure too. To do this use a pressure gauge.

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