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Irrigation equipment supplier

Total Water Supplies is an irrigation equipment supplier with the upmost quality and reliability of products on the market.

Irrigation today is so important as it not only helps to cultivate agricultural crop growth and maintain gardens and landscapes, it also helps in economic development and poverty reduction. With water being the most important element for the growth of plants, Irrigation plays a very protective role during times of drought where there is insufficient rain. Different types of plants also require different quantities of water at different times during their growing period, again making irrigation such an imperative composition.

Online irrigation store

Total Water Supplies is your one stop online irrigation store. We stock a massive range of irrigation items to cater for everyone from the avid home gardener, farmers and agriculturists, aqua culturists and more. At Total Water Supplies we have a huge variety of different pumps and pump systems, a multitude of valves, fittings and sprinklers, and even hydroponics kits. We manufacture a large range of quality plastic and brass sprinklers, from impact types through to micro and landscape under the brand name WETTA. We also have our own range of disc and screen filters that are excellent quality and priced very competitively. Total Water Supplies is run by an Australian based company Waterforce International and has been in operation for the past 14 years. We pride ourselves on our focus of commitment to our customers. We endeavour to deliver the best solutions to our customers at competitive pricing and regularly add new products to our already extensive ranges. Although we have a strong online presence, we encourage you to call us on 0430 094 718 if you have any questions or issues that may arise. Read more...
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