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Greywater pumps are pumps suitable for use with water collected from your bath, shower, laundry and sink. Greywater pumps are typically able to deal with a certain percentage of soft organic matter in the water without the pump being damaged or clogged. Greywater pumps can also be used for fish ponds and aquaculture. We have a range of grey water pumps including replacement pumps for our greywater systems.
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    Grey Flow 100w pump with float switch


    DH80-100 Submersible Pump


    DG80 - 100G Submersible Drainer Pump


    DX80 Stainless Steel Body Submersable Drainer Pump


    Pentax DPV80G Electric Submersible Pump 500 Watt


    Pentax DP60 Electric Submersible Pump 400 Watt


    Pentax DP40 Electric Submersible Pump 200 Watt


    750w Grey water pump with float switch


    400w Grey Water Pump With Float Switch


    300w Grey water pump with float switch


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