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G-Flow Grey Water System

The G-Flow Grey Water System was developed in Australia 6 years ago as a Grey Water diverter. The G-Flow Grey Water diverter helps to combat drought and water restrictions, this grey water system has also been used in many other different applications such as drainage sump pump station, and even rainwater diverter, making it a very versatile grey water system. This state of the art compact, economical and versatile Grey Water system incorporates the following features:


As a Grey water Diverter:

With the cost of water constantly rising and water restrictions in place in many parts of the world, it make sense not to throw out the water that has been paid for and to reuse it to irrigate the household garden. Today the G-Flow grey water system is widely used to filter and pump laundry, shower and basin water into irrigation systems for gardens. The grey water system was originally designed for this specific application and carries the appropriate health and plumbing standards and certifications in countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa. Over 10,000 G-Flow Grey water diverter systems have been sold worldwide. This system can help save as much as 200,000 Liters or 50,000 Gallons per household per year. In addition this greywater system has won several water saving awards in shows worldwide.

G-flow grey water system installation

As a Drainage Pump Sump station

If part of the house or garden is flooded due to inadequate drainage, the G-flow can be used as a pump station to shift the excess water out of the flooded area. This grey water system incorporates the below ground housing as well as the drainage sump pump and can be buried up to its lid cover, thus making it an economical, aesthetic, and handy little automatic pump station. The pump automatically activated by a float switch when the water level in the tank reaches a predetermined level.

As a Rainwater diverter

Where building configurations do not allow part or all of the roof area to drain by gravity into a main storage tank, a G-flow can be successfully used to capture and transfer from low points into the main tank.


The G-flow grey water system has watermark certification and meets all Australian standards. View Watermark Certificate of approval here.    


 >> Download G-Flow user manual here <<

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