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Find our full range of household pressure pumps ideal for domestic or light commercial use. We have pumps for all house sizes, from a small cottage to a large multistory house, we can help you find just the right pump to suit your needs at an affordable price.

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    Pentax INOX80 and INOX100 Stainless Steel Pump

    The first in the Pentax range that offers a stainless pump casing with corrosion resistance impellor and diffuser made of Noryl. Self-priming, jet assisted suitable for shallow bores or wells....

    CAM75 and CAM100 Household jet water pump, pressure switch or controller

    CAM75 and CAM100 These Italian shallow well jet pump models have a jet-assisted design suitable for lifting water from shallow suction depths of up to 7m. Rugged cast iron bodies,...

    GP6 and GP10 Self Priming Jet Pump optional pressure switch or controller

    Pentax GP6 and GP10 Whether it is to run your shower, use your dishwasher or operate taps for the garden. Pentax Water Pumps range of pressure systems will provide you...