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Hydroponics is an excellent choice for all types of growers. It is a method of growing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution without the need of soil. Instead of soil, hydroponic gardeners use different types of growing media that give you the ability to precisely control the variables that affect how well your plants thrive and grow. An enormous advantage of soilless cultivation is that you can grow all year round!

But the foremost benefit of using a hydroponics kit is the immensely increased growth rate of plants. Hydroponics use 20 times less water than soil-based gardening and there is no need for pesticides as the environment is generally sterile. There is also an absence of weeds and minor pathogens that normally live in soil. Using a hydroponic system can save a lot of money as hydroponic plant requires very little energy to find and break down food. The plant then uses this saved energy to grow faster.

Full Hydroponics kit

You can remove the guesswork from hydroponics by investing in a full hydroponic kit. They typically contain everything you need to start up such as the pots, hosing, feeder rings and hydroponic medium.

Hydroponic system kits

The two main hydroponic system kits available on the market are the recycling system and the run-to-waste system. With the recycling system, nutrients are fed to the plants and then recycled back into a central reservoir. Over the course of a few days that same nutrient is fed to the plants. This Continuous flow of nutrients reduces any salt build up, and with no media required, it reduces running costs. The run-to-waste systems are where nutrients are not recycled. The run-to-waste mediums retain a higher degree of moisture for a longer period of time resulting in smaller and less frequent feeds than a recycling system. They have a high PH stability and there is generally no nutrient exhaustion as the plants are always receiving fresh nutrients each feed. Read more...
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