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Wetta 8036pc Part Circle Plastic Impact Sprinkler Male 3/4″

The Wetta 8036pc Part Circle Plastic Impact Sprinkler is made from high quality POM resins from Japan.  It has dual brass nozzles with vane straighteners for extra high uniformity and is tough with high UV protection.  It will last for years and give great performance on your farm or property. Adjustable from full circle to part circle, from 15 degrees to 360 degrees.

The W8036PC impact sprinkler comes in a wide range of brass and plastic nozzles and is perfect for solid set irrigation in agricultural crops and nurseries.  Perfect where a part circle adjustable sprinkler is required. Also perfect for home lawn irrigation on a stand.

The main spindle, washersand springs are made of high quality stainless steel while the O-rings are manufactured from tetrafluoroethylene to be able to withstand contact with fertilisers and chemicals.

The wide range of brass or plastic nozzles offer a number of possible combinations. This sprinkler is designed to work under a flow range between 800 and 3270 l / h, at pressures between 1.75 and 5 BAR and cover a range between 12 and 19 meters in diameter. The W8026PC can be used with one or two nozzles, the main nozzle having a 30 degree trajectory and the lower nozzle having an 11 degree trajectory.   The average time of rotation is approximately 24 seconds per revolution.

For optimum uniformity of coefficient, we recommend the use of the sprinklers with a spacing between lines of 8x8 meters to 18x18 meters on a rectangular pattern  and 8x8 meters to 19x19 meters on a triangular pattern.
The most common use given is for irrigation of cereals such as wheat, barley or corn, alfalfa, beets, leafy vegetables sturdy vegetables and tubers as well as nursery crops.

This product is manufactured by Wetta Sprinklers

Wetta 8036pc Features:

  • High water distribution with spacing up to 18m
  • Brass nozzles
  • Dual nozzles for increased water distribution
  • High quality plastic resistant to corrosion and radiation

Performance chart for Wetta 8036pc

View PDF performance chart here wetta_8036pc