What's A Foot Valve? What Are They Used For?

Ever wondered how water stays in your pipes after a pump is turned off? Once a pump is turned off, doesn’t gravity just drain the water out of the pipes? Keep reading to find out how foot valves can help, plus how they can stop your pumps from being damaged. A foot valve is a spring loaded valve that is installed at the end of a pump suction line. When water flows, the spring allows the valve to open. But when the pump is turned off, water is stoped from flowing back.

A foot valve is a spring loaded valve that is installed at the end of a pump suction line. 

Foot valves also have a strainer attached to stop debris from restricting the valve from closing. Since foot valves are continually submerged and therefor not easily accessible, it is important to select a high quality foot valve. Keep in mind your water quality may affect corrosion on some parts.

Why is a foot valve used on a pump?

Without a foot valve water would flow back out of your suction line when a pump is turned off. A foot valve helps to stop your pump from burning out by keeping it primed and is a very inexpensive way to do so.

Is a foot valve a check valve? Yes...

A foot valve is a type of check valve that is specifically designed for the end of your pumps suction line.


Foot valves help keep a pump primed therefor stopping your pump from burning out. They are a type of check valve but are used at the end of a pump suction line. Remember to buy a good quality foot valve as they may not be easily accessible after installed.

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