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Grey water system

Imagine saving up to 50,000 gallons (200,000 litres) of water per year!

Using a grey water system lowers your water consumption which ultimately reduces the price of your water bills. Grey water systems basically filter the wastewater for garden irrigations therefore reducing the need for fresh water. Grey water reuse can help meet the water requirements of gardens and can help keep gardens green when water restrictions are in place. The recycled water is completely safe and can even provide vital nutrients which can help plants thrive and speed up growth.

Grey water pumps

Grey water is domestic wastewater from a range of sources such as bathroom sinks, showers, baths, washing machines and dish washers. It does not include blackwater such as wastewater from toilets and kitchen sinks. If properly collected and stored, it can be safely re-used for irrigation via a grey water pump. Grey water pumps are typically able to deal with a certain percentage of soft organic matter in the water without the pump being damaged or clogged. Grey water pumps can also be used for fish ponds and aquaculture.

Grey water pump systems

We have a range of grey water pump systems including the G-flow grey water diverter. It is an extremely versatile grey water system that has been used in many other different applications such as drainage sump pump station and even as a rainwater diverter. This product has won numerous awards and is proven to save up to 50,000 gallons of water per year. Other grey pump systems include the Grey Flow PS plug & Play Grey Water Diverter which is voted to be the most maintenance free system in the market! Whilst showering or washing your clothes, the greywater is directly diverted to your garden with a minimum water storing time. Read more...
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