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Greyflow PS-AG - Plug & Play


Saving water, money and time simply and easily by directing your grey water onto your garden. 

Grey water advantages:

  • Saving up to 60% of used household water. From your shower, bath, basin and laundry right to your garden
  • Beat the drought. Regular water reaching your plants all summer long.
  • Reduce your water usage. Reduce irrigation time and replace with grey water. 

Suitable for home laundries, showers and baths.

Greyflow advantages:

  • Easy to install. Plug and play Around 2 hours for a plumber.
  • Low maintenance. Wash filters every 3 - 6 months.
  • Drip irrigation ready. 25mm pipe outlet with drip kits available. 
  • Over 10,000 units sold. Happy customers worldwide.
  • 2-year warranty. Direct from an Australian manufacturer. 
  • Clog-resistant automatic float switch.
  • Diverts Grey Water from one 100mm (4") connection
  • 3-way manual valve for gravity diversion to sewer for maintenance or when not in use
  • Camlock fittings used for easy maintenance
  • Watermark and IAPMO certified


Take the first steps to Smart and sustainable water use. 


The Ezgrey Grey Water System was developed in Australia as an inexpensive solution to greywater recycling.  

All our greywater systems have WaterMark approval Australia wide and meet all Australian State and territory requirements as well as the following countries USA, Canada, New Zealand & South Africa.

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Over 10,000 G-Flow Greywater diverter systems have been sold worldwide with remarkable plants and landscape outcome, as well as great water saving results saving as much as 200,000 Liters per household per year.

In addition this greywater system has won several water saving awards in shows worldwide.


What grey water system do i need? 


>> Watermark Certificate of approval here. <<    

Ezgrey User Manual

 >> Download G-Flow user manual here <<

Ezgrey Brochure 

 >> Download G-Flow brochure here <<

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