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Very Long Throw 28˚ DN100 PN16 EN1092-1 flange connection Nozzle Included: 32mm

Design Features 

  • Turbine drive sprinkler 
  • Conical pipe for high performance
  • Perfect functioning on steep terrain
  • No vibration 
  • No mechanical brake required 
  • Mechanical parts are internal and protected again corrosive waters.
  • Aluminium components are treated with anodic oxidation, plastic coating and cataphoresis
  • All nuts, bolts, washers & pins are made of stainless steel
  • This sprinkler can operate with just 4˚ of lateral movement 
  • Can be used with pressures up to 1500 kPa

Performance Table

Nodolini S80 Super 3" Corrosive & Salt Waters Big Gun Sprinkler performance chart