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Wetta 8022 Male Plastic Impact Sprinkler male 1/2"

The Wetta 8022 Male Plastic Impact Sprinkler is made from high-quality POM resins from Japan.  It has dual nozzles with vane straighteners for extra high uniformity and is tough with high UV protection.  It will last for years and give great performance on your farm or property.

The 8022 is a great quality Impact sprinkler for use on Irristand systems, solid set systems, keyline and pod systems.  Used for irrigation of vegetable crops and nursery wherever a full circle sprinkler is needed. Performance is similar to Naan 5022. 1-year warranty.

This product is manufactured by Wetta Sprinklers

Wetta 8022 Features:

  • High water distribution with spacing up to 15m
  • Bayonet nozzles for easy service
  • Dust jacket to protect mechanism
  • High-quality plastic resistant to corrosion and radiation
  • Can be used with Stand 100 and Stand 70

Performance chart for Wetta 8022


Wetta 8022 Plastic Impact sprinkler performance chart

Wetta 8022 Male Plastic Impact Sprinkler male 1/2" has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.