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S60x6 Female IBC Tank Fitting To Hose Tail

This fitting is an s60x6 female IBC tank fitting and adapters to your selected size hose tail. Pick from many different sized hose tails. All our IBC tank fittings are made from High Quality injection moulded poly giving strength and longevity. The inside of our fittings have seals allowing for a tight fit. Ribbing on the outside gives good grip when attaching the fittings. We have a wide range of fittings and are constantly expanding our range.

What size IBC Tank Fitting do i need?

Read our IBC thread size guide to quickly find out what fitting you need. We sell fittings for both 2 inch (60mm) and 4 inch (100mm)  IBC Buttress threads. These are also commonly called S60x6 and S100x8 buttress threads. The "S" and number after refers to the size of the opening while the "x6" and "x8" denotes the thread coarseness, measuring the thread from peak to peak. 

This Fitting Will Fit IBC Tanks with An S60x6 Thread

S60x6 IBC thread diagram


Please check what thread your IBC tank has before buying. Click here to view our full range of IBC tank fittings here

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