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Mussel Complete Side entry with Foot Valve & Pipe Piece

Mussel Complete Side entry with Foot Valve & Pipe Piece is a patented device to practically eliminate the problems that often occur when a foot valve is used in shallow dams, creeks or, in construction sites for removing water from excavated areas.   When "The Mussel" is correctly sized for the pump flow it will enable you to pump water that would otherwise be impossible to source.

No - Air! Due to no vortex being formed, the mussel allows water to be pumped to very low levels in dams, creeks, wells, etc.

No - Mud! Due to low velocity, mud is not sucked into the system if installed properly and therefore build of mud in the impellers, pipes, fittings, and sprinklers is reduced dramatically.

No - Sand! Due to low velocity, sand is not sucked into the system to cause blockages in the pump, filters, pipes, and sprinklers. Foot valves and check valves are more likely to seat properly and not leak.

No - Stones! Due to low velocity, stones will not be sucked into the system causing problems with foot valves, check valves, pump propellers, pipes, filters, and sprinklers.

No - Weed! Due to low velocity and protected inlet, the number of weeds sucked into the system will be minimal, helping with filtration problems, foot valve problems and pump impel problems.

Improve Pump Efficiency

The specifications of the Mussel are carefully designed to optimize fluid flow dynamics into and inside the device. The area of the inlet gap, the angle of the diffusion shells and volume of the expansion envelope are all designed to work together to create better suction and pump efficiencies.

Select Your requirements

470mm diam, for flows between 50 – 350 L/Min with Anka 50mm (2″) Foot Valve and 50mm (2″) Poly threaded pipe

470mm diam, for flows between 150 – 550 L/Min with Hydro- flo 50mm (2″) Acetal Valve and 50mm (2″) Poly threaded pipe piece

540mm diam, for flows between 250 – 900 L/Min with Hydro- flo 80mm (3″) Acetal Foot Valve and 80mm (3″) Schedule 80 PVC threaded pipe piece

630mm diam, for flows between 400 – 1800 L/Min with Hydro-flo 100mm (4″) Acetal Foot Valve and 100mm (4″) Schedule 80 PVC threaded pipe piece

Some Edited Testimonials for the Mussel

Our river levels are constantly varying and have a lot of problems moving the irrigator pump in and out to accommodate and getting it to work in low flows. Your Mussel coupled with the high flow water dump valve has solved the problem and gives us much more reliability for our pasture irrigation. Best of all the pump is running much quieter so the Mussel has obviously solved the subtle cavitation that was always there, without making any other changes. Many Thanks. Brook Waugh – Irrigator – Bellingen, NSW.

My Contracting business depends on a quick turn around for the water tankers. For years I tolerated situations that I thought were just a normal part of pumping water. Your Mussel and Valve package has transformed our operation – no more tolerating these problems your Mussel just so easily solved. Magic for what it does, its cheap at double the price. Gary Rossiter – Contractor – Mungindi, QLD.

This is an incredible product, a real eye popper whenever I put the Mussel into operation on construction and excavation sites in my remediation business for petroleum companies. With the mussel I am able to almost completely dewater the excavation without suction loss or contaminated sediment intake and because of the Mussel’s unique design I can even have the intake sitting on the bottom sediment. I have always used traditional foot valve methods but that is a thing of the past. Craig Rivera – Rivera Contracting – Sydney, NSW.

We looked around for the weediest spot we could find to test the M80 and the M100. We just threw them in and started up. Not only were we able to draft water from the weed infested hole, when we retrieved the Mussels we were amazed that the units didn’t have any weeds inside. We would have had a lot of problems if not impossible trying to pump from this area without Mussels. Graeme McCoy - Kurrajong Rural Fire Brigade, NSW

As soon as able we took the Mussel to the river and let her rip. The steep edge where I am forced to pump from did not allow the mussel to settle horizontally but vertically, standing on edge on the bottom. The Mussel still worked fine and the best result was the lack of turbulence which astonished us when we checked our tank, the delivered water is much cleaner. We could not be more delighted with this invention. Sheer brilliance. Thanks again. Jeff Bach – Pomona. QLD

We performed a flow simulation of the M50 Mussel fitted to a suction pipe versus a standard open pipe with no Mussel. The Mussel dramatically reduces the amount of turbulent energy at the pipe inlet. Comparative measurements of the turbulent kinetic energy and associated pressure drops show a 40% improvement in terms of energy losses in the system when the Mussel is attached.. Michael Roomina, PhD – Fluvius Pty Ltd – Sydney, NSW.


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