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Poly Flanged Check Valve

A prominent feature of Poly Flanged Check Valve is the action applied by two springs that act on an articulated mechanism attached to the closing disc. This design allows a small force in the springs on the articulated mechanism in the valve closed position, managing to keep a closure pressure much greater than would be if the springs were attached directly to the disc. The Valve Body and Screen are made of High Density Polyethylene and the Working Mechanism is made of 304 Stainless Steel, this makes the unit Resistant to most corrosion. The seals are Made From Nitrile Rubber. Closing contacts use HDPE and Rubber Greatly reduces wear and tear as well as sticking. The closing Mechanism is designed to close early helping to close a moment before the flow is reversed, This helps to reduce water hammer. As the closing mechanism is spring loaded it can be installed at any angle reducing system costs. This check valve is designed to be easily inspected for maintenanc with the complete operating mechanism being able to be inspected by the removal of 2 bolts. This Product Can be used as a Check Valve, Foot Valve or Suction Screen with the design of seperate Valve and Screen. The suction screen have a large opening allowing No extra head loss on use as a Foot Valve .

Size Options

  • 80mm (3") Flanged Poly Check Valve
  • 100mm (4") Flanged Poly Check Valve
  • 150mm (6") Flanged Poly Check Valve
  • 200mm (8") Flanged Poly Check Valve
  • 250mm (10") Flanged Poly Check Valve
  • 300mm (12") Flanged Poly Check Valve

Headloss Chart for Poly Check Valves

Poly Flanged Check Valve headloss chart

Dimensions for Poly Check Valves

Poly Flanged Check Valve dimension diagram

Poly Flanged Check Valve dimension table

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